Dashed Hopes


Dashed Hopes is about migrant journeys. The wave as a metaphor, but also as a real element of transport to the dream of a better country. We know that everyone will run into a rock, irremediably. Movement against rigidity, stability.
This human tragedy, the end of which is not in sight, will leave behind human ghosts, bodies, faces, thrown onto the rocks of the European coast.
Those who continue the journey will reach our recreational areas. Crossing the Bois de Vincennes woodland at the eastern extremity of Paris, I saw makeshift encampments everywhere. So I thought of Déjeuner sur L’Herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass), a moment of a privileged society celebrated by Manet in another wood near Paris. Thus was born this new vision: a migrants’ Luncheon on the Grass. Unlike Manet’s painting, here nothing is inscribed in our gaze regarding the character and sartorial coding of people, the content of their lunch, the happiness of life exalted by the beauty of nature, just a non-presence in the way, in what we call our landscape.

Guy Oberson, notes 2016 and 2018



Notre Terre Nous est Étroite (Earth Presses Against Us) is a performance based on the eponymous poem by Mahmoud Darwish created in Galerie C in 2012.
Duration 45 min.
Reading of the poem by Nancy Huston
This performance was staged in Montreal, the subject of a film directed by Jennifer Alleyn, which was presented at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) https://lmoussakova.wordpress.com/2014/03/10/fifa-2014-compte-a-rebours-10/